During the last two years, our packaging facility was completely renovated in order to keep up with the most modern European technologies in the field of packaging.
Manufacturing ensures compliance with all European hygiene and good industrial practice requirements to provide a safe and quality product to consumers.

Packing house

The seven state-of-the-art eco-friendly refrigeration units (Freon 404) with automatic monitoring (total capacity …. sq.m.) and the four certified (CE) stainless steel standardization lines (total production tn/day) are practical proof of the commitment of the management of “PANAGIOTIS S.A.” in relation to high quality, safety and environmental protection.
The specialized and experienced staff of the company, faithfully observing all hygiene and quality requirements, is the cornerstone of the produced products.
The whole process of production to the offer for consumption does not last more than 4-5 days, that is why we bringing the product perfectly fresh to the shelves of the trading units and as a result ensuring all the necessary characteristics that the modern consumer desires.

Production flow:

– Introduction
– Pre-cooling
– Standardization
– Cooling
– Loading