Fresh table grapes

Victoria Grapes

The Victoria grape variety is very productive and fertile. Victoria grapes are sensitive to iodine and botrytis. The ripening season of Victoria grapes is the 1st ten days of August. Undoubtedly it is an interesting variety, due to its precocity with very good characteristics of the grapes that are little affected by the large size of the production. A comparative advantage in the situation of foreign markets is the very good resistance to transport and post-harvest handling.


The Victoria grape variety is under clonal selection. This variety came from a cross between Cardinal x Afuz Ali grapes. Since 1972 in Romania at the Institut de Recherche Horticoles de Dragasani by Lepodatu Victoria and Condei Gheorghe. In Greece it was introduced in 1984-85 in Halkidiki.

Plastic Crate

10 Kg

Paper Crate

7 Kg OR 4,5 Kg

Wooden Crate

7 Kg


1 Kg cup in a paper box 10 x 1Kg

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