Fresh table grapes

Red Globe Grapes

The Red Globe grape variety was bred in the 1970s by American scientists and registered in the registry in 1980. The name Red Globe corresponds to the appearance of the berry.


Red Globe grapes are large-sized grapes, with fairly large pods. The flesh of Red Globe grapes is relatively soft with a neutral flavor. The skin is not very thin, it is durable, with red coloring. The color of the pods is red and the shape is round. The ripening season of Red Globe grapes is the 1st to 2nd ten days of August. It is a grape variety of medium vigor, but of great productivity. Red Globe grapes show great resistance to transportation.

Plastic Crate

10 Kg

Paper Crate

4,5 Kg

Wooden Crate

7 Kg


1 Kg cup in a paper box 10×1 Kg

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