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Italia Grapes

The Italia grape variety originates from Italy. It was introduced to Greece in 1965 and today it is cultivated mainly in Corintho and Achaia. Its grapes have a nice appearance, uniform rails in color, shape and size. They are also demonstrative of preservation in refrigerators and resistant to transport. Italia grapes have the ability to be kept for a long time on the stem after ripening and with possible covering. In fact, they can be kept until Christmas.


The Italia grape variety is also known as Razaki Moschato and Ideal. Italia grapes are a white variety created by Prof. Pirovano in 1911. The Italia grape variety is very fertile and productive. It produces large, conical or cylindrical grapes, almost densely veined. The raceme of the Italia grape is large, elliptical, with yellow skin, of medium thickness. The flesh is firm with a slight muscat flavor. It usually contains 2-3 seeds. Ripening season of the Italia grape is the 1st to 2nd ten days of September.

Plastic Crate

10 Kg

Paper Crate

4,5 Kg

Wooden Crate

7 Kg


1 Kg cup in a paper box 10×1 Kg

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