Fresh table grapes

Crimson Grapes

The Crimson grapes variety is a hybrid variety with interest in both its domestic and export potential. Good transport resistance and satisfactory post-harvest management.


The Crimson grapes variety produces grapes that are generally large, and the racemes are seedless with red coloring. The grapes of the Crimson variety are very vigorous and productive. It prefers high forms of configuration and warm climates. Bud fertility is 0.96. The ripening season of Crimson grapes is the 1st ten days of October.

Paper Crate

4,5 Kg


500 gr cup in a paper box 10×500 gr
1Kg cup in a paper box 10×1 Kg


500 gr mixed
(250 gr Crimson & 250 gr Thompson Seedles Or Sultanina)

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