Panagiotidis Iakovos, CEO and visionary of the company, recognizing the difficulties faced by the table sultanina due to the great competition both internationally and domestically, he imbued his product with all those elements that he believed would help it meet the expectations of the sensitized but also demanding consumer while at the same time proving in practice his love for the environment and its sustainable protection.
Mr. Panagiotidis, one of the most specialized growers in the field of fresh table grapes, knows first-hand the needs of cultivation and the concerns of all of us by putting into practice the trend for a safe and qualitatively superior product that will be affordable and safe for all of us.


The modern demands of the market have led us to surround the entire management, beyond the use of modern methods of conservation, packaging and transport with applications of gentle cultivation methods such as integrated management in cultivation.

This requires strict pesticide use control and soil study throughout production.

We implement an Integrated Production Management (IMP) program both in our privately owned vineyards and in all the producers collaborating with the company throughout the growing season in accordance with AGRO 2.1&2.2 – EUREPGAP standards from the initial design until the harvest of the products.

The cultivation is managed by experienced and specialized supervising agronomists according to the most modern and environmentally friendly cultivation practices (IPM, ICM, GAP) so that the final product is of superior quality and does not present residues of plant protection substances that can harm the consumer.

All incoming First Material that is harvested and available is:

  • certified
  • meets all legality, security and marketing requirements
  • it is analyzed in terms of the maximum allowable residue limits (MRL’s) per harvested plot in accredited laboratories inside and outside the country so that consumers can fearlessly taste the fruits of the Greek land.

Within the state-of-the-art packaging plant, the most modern production and management systems are applied so that the final product always reaches the consumer fresh and according to his requirements in all markets.